Prospective Masters and PhD students: please send your CV, motivation letter and recommendation letters directly to us. We are always looking for motivated students interested in conducting research in the area of membarne separations. Further, we are also offering research projects to undergraduate students who would like to conduct research as volunteer to gain valuable experience. The undergraduate students of CUI Lahore interested in conducting 'Chemical Process Design Project' in Membrane Separations are also invited to contact us. However, be aware that only top students, irrespective of their nationality, will be considered.

Vacancies in the following projects are currently available: 

(1) Selected students will be involved in national project on the next generation mixed matrix membranes (MMM) for CO2 separations aimed at energy & environmental Issues. Main duties will be to develop mixed matrix membranes and investigate gas permeation performance. Selectivity and permeability of MMM will also be assessed. 

(2) Selected students will be involved in national project on the  anaerobic membrane bioreactor. Main duties will be to develop laboratory-scale  anaerobic membrane bioreactor system and investigate membrane fouling and removal efficiency. Energy balance will also be assessed. Students will be supported financially depending upon their performance. Joint collaboration consists of research teams from European Membrane Institute (EMI), University of Montpelier, France.

(3) Selected students will be involved in national project on photocatalytic membrane reactor for industrial wastewater treatment. Main duties will be to develop laboratory-scale submerged photocatalytic membrane reactor combined with polymer beads particles as fluidized media. Joint collaboration consists of research teams from Inha University, Republic of Korea.

Students who are interested in joining our research group should have BS or MS degree in Chemical Engineering or related field (i.e., Environmental Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Chemistry, Biology etc.). They should have experience or interests with experimental works especially pertaining to the membrane separation process for gases, water and wastewater treatment. Priority will be given for those who have experiences with microscopic techniques including SEM, AFM, TEM and CLSM or other instrumental analysis and backgrounds related to the polymeric/ceramic chemistry or mathematical modelling. Most of all, anyone who have passions and enthusiasms on searching for the answers of research questions in our research fields are welcomed to contact with us.

If you have any questions, please contact with 
Email: (Dr. Asim Laeeq Khan)

Email: (Dr. Muhammad Aslam)  
Tel: +92 (42) 111-001-007 Ext: 884, 883

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